Marutam Nelli Polytechnic College

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is concerned with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms, including those of electronics. The subject deals with electric light and power systems and apparatus ,electronics engineering deals with wire and radio communication, the stored-program electronic computer ,radar and automatic control systems.

Equip the students with advanced knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering as well as professional skills necessary to face the challenges of the future. The Electrical Engineering major is committed to excellence in student learning. Graduates of the major will be problem solvers, able to apply engineering principles to electrical and computer systems.



  •  Electronic Devices and Circuits Practical
  •  Work Shop Practical
  • Computer Applications Practical
  • Electrical Machines And Instrumentation Practical
  • Digital Electronics $ Linear Integrated Circuits Practical
  • Communication And Life Skill Practice
  • Microcontroller Practical
  • Control of Electrical Machines Practical
  • Wiring And Winding Practical
  •  Computer AIDED Electrical Drawing Practical
  •  Computer Hardware & Networks Practical
  • Electrical Circuits and Machines Practical
  •  Project Work