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Civil Engineering Department

The Department of Civil Engineering offers the opportunities as the infra structure industry is always thriving and there is a steady demand for the qualified Diploma holders in Civil Engineering. The academic activities had been well planned and executed, taking the students interests and their career development into consideration.

Civil engineering includes planning and design professionals in public and private sectors, contactors, builders, educators, and researchers. Civil engineering is the application of physical and scientific principles, and its history is intricately linked to advances in understanding of physics and mathematics. Because civil engineering is a wide ranging profession, including several separate specialized sub-disciplines like structures, materials science, geology, soils, hydrology, environment, machines and other fields.

Mechanical Engineering Department

The department of mechanical engineering philosophy combines an emphasis on creativity, technology, manufacturing and design methodology with a concern for human values and the needs of society. The department is continuously striving to achieve excellence in education, academic and industrial research.

To provide international class of education enabling the students to have the ability to design, plan, engineer, administer and manage the latest technologies in the field of mechanical engineering and to face future challenges of industries and society. Blending modern technologies with management to facilitate inventions that are instrumental in enhancing capabilities for socially, economically and environmentally sound development in partnership with public and private sectors.

Mechanical Workshop

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Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is concerned with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms, including those of electronics. The subject deals with electric light and power systems and apparatus ,electronics engineering deals with wire and radio communication, the stored-program electronic computer ,radar and automatic control systems.

Equip the students with advanced knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering as well as professional skills necessary to face the challenges of the future. The Electrical Engineering major is committed to excellence in student learning. Graduates of the major will be problem solvers, able to apply engineering principles to electrical and computer systems.

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Electrical & Electronic Engineering LAB

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Electronics & Communication Engineering

ECE department is to help the student to learn concepts of this discipline including technical, critical thinking and communication skills. It aims at providing a high quality educational opportunity which assists each student to plan for a successful career in industry/academics and to serve for the well-being of the society through multi-faceted efforts.

The laboratories are well equipped with modern training facilities that cater to the requirements of syllabus as well as the requirements of the industry. The Department has well experienced faculty and staff of proven ability and diverse specialization.

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Electronics & Communication Engineering Lab

  • Best polytechnic college in dharmapuri
  • top polytechnic college in dharmapuri
  • Polytechnic colleges in dharmapuri